Sôlt Dining


The Neuk Salt Co launches Sôlt Dining with Chef Patron & Co Founder Mhairi Peattie at the helm.



Our dining experience is offered in the unique setting of the Neuk Salt Co saltworks celebrating the best of local East Neuk Produce. The intimate setting allows Mhairi to chat with guests about not only the menu but all things foodie, recipes and everything the East Neuk has to offer.

Solt Dining celebrates both land and sea working with the best local producers in the area. The majority of our suppliers are within a 1 mile area. Chef Patron Mhairi Peattie brings fresh local Seafood, Organic Pasture fed Beef and Lamb and Organic Vegetables. All brought to life with all the flavours of East Neuk Salt.

The industrial backdrop of the saltworks against soft lighting of the dining experience guarantees a relaxed evening with friends and great food.

The menu opposite is a sample menu which represents the season at the time. Dishes do vary depending on what is to hand locally that week.

Mhairi is happy to accommodate dietary requirements with forewarning at the time of booking. 

To Book a  table please use our booking system. 


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Sôlt Dining offers a unique dining experience in the unigue  setting of the East Neuk Salt Co, celebrating the best of local East Neuk produce with menus that showcase the flavors of the sea and land. Book now for a relaxed evening with friends, great food and realxed atmosphere.

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